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Researchers mining image data are gaining momentum: papers are shifting from proof-of-principle to biological discovery. But we are not yet much of a true community, beyond reading each others’ papers and a few pairwise interactions at conferences. We would like to change this by bringing everyone together in the same room! Collectively, we have tremendous knowledge and insights into this challenging field.


Twenty participants from the front lines of analyzing morphological data will be invited to this first-ever hackathon, including postdocs, students, and staff scientists. In weeks leading up to the event, participants will join in a public discussion on Github, mapping out options for analysis at various steps in the workflow. Attendees will then join together for seminars, lectures, social events, and hacking during a two-day event in Boston. We aspire to gather a diverse and engaged group of both morphological profiling experts and members of related fields, such as alternate profiling methodologies. Everyone involved will be an active contributor (even if remote), no passive absorption of others’ ideas allowed! We assume participants will be willing to share their analysis strategies, given that each laboratory’s “competitive advantage” in this field does not come from their data pre-processing pipeline but rather from computational techniques downstream of the steps covered in the event, and from biological discoveries derived from their unique data. Given space limitations, we have limited the participation of the hackathon to researchers who are using microscopy images specifically for profiling – that is – using images to identify biologically relevant similarities and differences among perturbed samples.


Dmytro Danylyk

Lemberg Solutions Limited Android Developer

Vitaliy Zasadnyy

Nravo, GDG Lviv Team Lead, Unity 3D Developer

Ostap Andrusiv

ELEKS, GDG Lviv R&D Engineer

Oleh Zasadnyy

EPAM Systems, GDG Lviv Junior Software Engineer


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